Vaudeville Wars Notes

Included here are the complete notes to Vaudeville Wars. Notes for specific pages of Vaudeville Wars can be found by clicking on the appropriate links below:


Part One

From Farm Boy to Museum Owner
Keith's Right-Hand Man
San Francisco's Orpheum

Part Two

The Great Orpheum Circuit
Upstaging Tony Pastor
Gentrifying Keith's Quadruple Circuit

Part Three

Consolidation and Revolt
Streamlining the Booking Process
The White Rats Strike

Part Four

Vaudeville Battles
The Combine and the UBO
Morris Challenges the Combine

Part Five

Vaudevillians vs. The Combine
The Vaudeville Machine
A Host of Grievances
Broadway Sime and the British Lion

Part Six

Albee Takes Control
How Albee Stole the Palace
Growing Discord
Mountford Strikes Back

Part Seven

The Demise of the Big Time
The Threat of the Big Small Time
"The Toboggan Slide"
Kennedy's Takeover


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